We started the company in 2013, with a combined experience over 18 years. Fed up with BS provided by other companies that will always rip off customers making the most profit possible using cheap parts with lack of knowledge. Our goal was to stand out giving the BEST quality service down to high complex repairs on component level. This means that we will repair any device’s motherboard in the worst case scenario if needed, not replacing it like all companies do rising the repair price by 100%. You will speak directly to a high qualified technician, not to a robot that knows less than you.

Some manufacturer’s common practice is to refuse to make parts, tools, and repair information available to consumers and small repair shops. Apple created a special screw specifically to make it hard to repair the iPhone. They have little to nothing to do with getting you better service or a better repair.

Keep in mind that Apple does not manufacture any parts they resell to the repair shops (screens, hard drives, keyboards…). Apple sells the part to a service centre for 5 times its actual cost, which is the reason Apple authorized service centres are so expensive. For example: iPhone LCDs are made by LG/Toshiba/Sharp. We buy those parts directly, so you are paying less for the same service.

We are NOT APPLE CERTIFIED, absolutely not. Being Apple authorized would tie our hands to the point where we have to charge you 800-1000€ to replace your MacBook motherboard because of some components that have failed

[TEKNIK] was built to provide the best experience by focusing on your expectations before our own comfort & convenience. We don’t outsource anything.

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

We have proper tools and experience for the services we offer, we wont offer you something we are not capable of, like other companies around us.


No fix / No fee

This means we won’t charge you if we can’t fix your device. Fair enough, right?
No, not everything is fixable, unfortunately. A MacBook motherboard is a 10 layer PCB, if it has a short inside the board in one of those layers, there is no way we can fix it.

6 month warranty

On all repairs and parts. We do our best to make sure the work sticks.
Not accidental damage. You would be surprised how many people claim for warranty on their broken iPhone because their kids dropped it again.

Original parts

We stand out by using parts from the original manufacturers.
iPhone LCDs are made by LG/Toshiba/Sharp. We buy those parts directly, so you are paying less for the same service.