MacBook broken hinges

Appart from accidental damage, back-and-forth play wear out these parts and it’s normal. There is a lot of weight resting in these small parts. This problem should be fixed as soon as possible, as it will get worse over time. Consistent dropping or blunt force may affect the long term viability of the hinge component and aggravate an issue that leads to loosening.

The screen is connected to the motherboard by a cable which can become severed by a break, making a need for a new screen, or what it can be worse, a new LCD connector soldered AND a new screen.

You might experience this issue if you have:

  • Wobbling screen
  • Screen lid won’t close
  • Squeaky screen
  • Broken base

We do this repair quicker than anyone else in Cork, as we stock all parts for these machines so we can give same day service.

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