MacBook broken screen

macbook-pro-retina-displayIf you dropped your MacBook by accident or if it has been accidentally damaged, don’t panic! We stock all screen models for these devices from 2008 onward for same day service. We can replace your screen for a lot less than Apple’s estimate. Here is why:

  • Apple does not manufacture a ton of parts that go into your device. Your screen for example is made by Samsung/LG. If you want to buy that part directly from Apple, it will cost you an arm and a leg. Apple resells parts to authorised centres for 5 times its actual price, and that’s the reason why they’re so expensive.

We buy those parts directly from a Samsung/LG broker, so you are paying less for the same price, and the same grade A quality. The same story is applicable to an iPhone, screens are made by Toshiba/Sharp/LG.

At the same time, we can assure you we are the only ones around that has a vast stock of screens and parts for MacBook. We have customers calling in pissed by other repair shops that promised their repair in 1-2h but never have parts and have to order them. Take in mind we are exclusively MacBook specialists, and it is the main service our company offers. Beware of other centres that have a vast list of services because they wont have parts for most of them. It is very nice to have a good looking website saying you are capable of everything in 5 mins but in the end… can they really do the job?

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