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Data Recovery Cork - teknik.ieWe can perform data back-up and recovery on a range of memory types; from external and internal hard drives, to Micro SD cards for phones, memory cards for cameras, and even the newest SSD drives” – one of those companies that doesn’t even have a vertical laminar flow bench for mechanical hard drive data recovery, or qualified “engineers” as they like to call them…

This is more common than you think, just have a look around how all repair shops offer this service. There are two possible things here: first one, is that they are lying, and second, they might outsource the repair service. If this is the case, how much did they quote you, 50€? 200€? that is BS then. If your hard drive has physical damage, there is no way they can charge you that, but you will find out in the end, when after approving for the recovery you get a call from them saying that it was “not repairable”.

We know it’s cool to look like a badass on a pretty website, but in the end, can they actually do this job? You deal with serious and complex issues when it comes to data recovery from any type of device, don’t leave these type of repair to butterfingers. Every time your device is manipulated, there is a high risk for it to not work again.

Whether you need to recover data from a mechanical drive, or drives (because you might have a RAID setup!), we can help you out. If you need to recover data from a USB or an SSD, we can help you out. And if you need to recover data from an Apple device, such as an iPhone or an iPad, we are specialised in that too. We have the proper tools, software and equipment for this.

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