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When it comes to screen replacements, people tend to go for the cheapest price they can get around town, where the technician barely does his job for a bowl of rice. If you are one of these people, we highly suggest you to go somewhere else.

Our screens are the highest quality available on the market, and when we say this, we mean that we use the original parts assembled by the manufacturer. iPhone screens are made by Toshiba/Sharp/LG, so we buy those parts directly. Apple does not make them, like a ton of parts in all their devices (memory, hard drives, charging chips…).

We make sure that our work sticks, and we are known for giving great service. The reason we say this is because we don’t want people returning for warranty on a screen repair. We offer the exact same screen your device was assembled with in Foxconn’s factory. You would be surprised how many people we’ve seen complaining about their screen that was replaced in another store, then dropped again by accident from 5 inches and cracked with ease. This is only one of multiple issues with cheap screens; we’ve seen parts where the touchscreen was working funny, typing random letters while trying to write down something, washed colours on the LCD, burned backlight… those screens don’t even have the oleophobic coating that repels the oils and dirt from the skin on your fingers that makes it easier to clean.

That said, our main services include data recovery from dead devices and repairs on motherboard down to component level. We assure you that it is the best service you will find around. The picture above shows a charging chip from an iPhone 6 that went bad.

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