MacBook keyboard

You may drop your laptop and have buttons fall off. Accumulation of dust may set in and affect the functionality of your buttons. If liquid spills inside your laptop, it can affect the motherboard’s ability to read the pressed keys. These are some common issues:

  • Sticky keyboard
  • Keys not responding properly
  • Liquid damage
  • Dust/debris

The MacBook pro keyboard is comprised of a board full of rubber cups , key retainer clips and key caps that lay together to form the unit itself. It looks simple, but if by chance just one of these internal components goes bad, it can start a chain reaction process that will eventually result in the need for a keyboard replacement.

We stock keyboards for all models to save you time, offering same day service. Retina models included. Other shops wont offer this repair without replacing the top case, due to Apple’s design where the keyboard is not replaceable without replacing the entire top case unit, turning out being a very expensive repair.

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