MacBook liquid spill

Before anything, if you’ve spilled liquid on your MacBook, turn it off, remove your battery (if you can) and make sure you don’t turn it back on! Attempting to power on your MacBook again can be disastrous. Spill damage is serious because it corrodes sensitive electronic components, but it’s not unfixable.

Apple will give you a quote of 800€-1200€ saying they have to replace the whole board, they are not interested in wasting their time fixing it. We repair it for a lot less than half of that…

Most companies outsource component level motherboard repair because they lack of knowledge or tools. This causes long delays and unexpected surprises. With us, the story starts and ends here, we do not outsource anything and everything is done in our workshop. You will only be dealing with us.

These are some problems we can fix if on your liquid damage device:

  • No image or backlight on the screen
  • Machine is not turning on
  • Not charging the battery
  • Trackpad or keyboard not working properly
  • Computer freezing

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