Macbook Motherboard Repair Cork

Macbook Motherboard Repair Cork

You might need this service if you are experiencing any of these issues:

  • Not turning on
  • Not holding charge
  • Only running from charger but not from battery
  • No backlight/picture on screen
  • Machine freezing/very slow
  • Liquid damage
  • No Wi-Fi, USBs not working…

We are the ONLY company in Ireland that has travelled all the way to Manhattan, NY, to specialise in board repair with Louis Rossmann, and we are confident enough to say we offer the best repair service in the whole country. Our success rate is extremely high.

Apple will give you a quote of 800-1200€ for replacing the whole board. They don’t want to get their hands dirty fixing their crap, it does not make them any money. You will save money and time with us, as we do not outsource any services we offer. Many other shops will have to do so due to lack of knowledge or equipment.

This is the service which our company has its great reputation for, we repair for many other repair shops in Europe. Beware of other companies offering this service specially when they offer a vast list of services, as they will not have the focus we have to achieve these repairs. Our company is built around this service, so you get the point of how many things are needed just for this.

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