MacBook not charging

You might need to replace your battery if you are experiencing one of these issues:

  • If you unplug your charger and your machine turns right off
  • You unplug the charger and it only works for a little while
  • The device works until the battery hits 50% and then turns off
  • Your battery is swollen
  • Bad battery life

A battery is another part that wears out, it is very common to see this issue after two years life, as they rarely make it past that time. We can replace the dead or dying battery on your MacBook the same day you bring it in. We stock all battery models so we do not have to order them, saving you time!

And if you were wondering, yes, we use original batteries. Beware of crap that sells on Amazon or eBay!!

We even replace the batteries in the Retina models. Many other repair shops will not offer this service, as Apple designed some of their machines with a non replaceable battery having to replace the entire top case at the same time, which is very expensive.

In many other cases, you might not have a bad battery and it could be a motherboard issue. We are specialised in board repair so we’ve you covered!

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