MacBook not turning on

There are many different problems that can prevent your laptop from turning on, and we repair them on a daily basis. Maybe it turns on but doesn’t start up afterwards, or turns off briefly after you turn it on. This are some of the possible causes:

  • Bad charger
  • Bad charging port
  • Power circuit on motherboard, bad SMC…
  • Malfunctioning peripheral attached to motherboard
  • Liquid damage

Apple will rip you off for any of these issues, as they have a “flat rate” to “fix” all of them… and the truth is they will rarely even try to figure out what is the exact issue. You would be surprised how many times Apple will “troubleshoot” your issue and end up their diagnostic saying it is a faulty motherboard for a minimum price of 800€. We had machines coming from official stores in Pamplona, Barcelona, Bilbao and Zaragoza in Spain with a diagnose of faulty boards, and only 1/4 boards had the issue with the board itself.

What we try to show you here is how good an Apple certified technician is, and how little they care to give you a better service or repair. We charge less than half of what they ask for, so you can get an idea of how these places work.

We can help you regardless of the issue. We stock all MacBook parts, so if you drop your device in, you will have it repaired the same day. Things may be different if the issue is with the board itself.

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