MacBook overheating

The types of activities you perform can also have a big impact on how hot your laptop should be. If your machine is running hot there are a few things that can cause this:

  • Fans not working
  • Thermal paste worn out
  • Bad heat sink
  • Obstructed vents

Our technicians can quickly identify why your system is overheating, and let you know exactly how much it will cost to fix.

Now we must say something about these devices. We want everything to be powerful but nice and slim. In order to achieve this, you sacrifice in cooling. Fans and heat sinks are smaller than what they used to be in the past, and their conductivity is not that great as you might think. And if we add the poor quality thermal paste that it’s used in the chain assembly, it gets even better. We offer the highest quality thermal paste in the market with pure silver particles to maximise contact area and thermal transfer.

Also one of the disadvantages of having your device running hot is thermal throttling. When the CPU overheats, the motherboard sets its speed lower, so it can generate less heat and cool down. In other words, the machine will run slow. This is bad for power users who demand a high level of performance from their systems.

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