MacBook trackpad

It sees more wear than other parts on the machine and it is more vulnerable to liquid damage as it is located on the front part of it. You might see issues like:

  • Your cursor not moving they you want to
  • Buttons not clicking properly or not clicking at all
  • Peripheral not working at all

Regardless of how it became damaged, we can replace it and fix your problem. We stock all trackpads so we can offer same day service. Retina models included; many repair shops do not offer this repair without replacing the entire top case. Apple designed some machines in a way where the trackpad is not replaceable, and replacing the top case is very expensive. We can replace the trackpad without replacing the entire top case, so you will save a lot of money.

In most cases the trackpad itself will be the faulty part, but in the worst case scenario it could be your motherboard the one that is faulty. If your device has liquid damage you should consider that there might be other peripherals that might have been damaged also. It wouldn’t be the first time we see a new customer coming to us with a new trackpad installed by other repair shop and still having the same issue. We are not that kind of company that only replaces parts, we actually know what we are doing, and if this is your case, you are safe with us.

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